Imam Hussain Ka Gham Saaz mai | Pashto Jama

#Jama #Imam_Hussain #Karbala #Noha #Saaz famous British soldier and historian C.M Enriquez has described the early history of Parachinar in his famous book The Pathan Borderland page 117. Enriquez writes that Malak(leader) Pare was a reputable Malak of the Para Chamkini tribe, who were Sunni Muslim and another tribe called Turi (Shia), planted Poplar tree some 200 years ago. Before much settlement the area was mostly arid. In terms of distribution, the ancient poplar tree and the surrounding land belonged to the Parakhel tribe. This ownership is still authentic in official records or deeds of property. Parakhel tribesmen used to cultivate wheat in this desert area. During the wheat harvest, tents were pitched here, and in the shade of this poplar tree, jirgas and consultations were held. You can also read detailed Urdu article on Parachinar City name in Urdu language. The name Parachinar is derived as a result of social meetings conducted under a large chinar tree[4][./Parachinar#cite_note-C_M_Enriquez’s_The_Pathan_Borderland”_Oxford_press:_page_117-4 [4]]. The remains of that tree are shia